Our Four Advantages

Provide High-quality Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Solutions

Rich Production Experience

To Choose Liyi Is To Choose Quality

Through years of efforts, it has developed into an aluminum alloy die-casting enterprise integrating product development, die-casting production and deep processing.


Advanced Production Equipment

Solve The Production Problem Of Aluminum Motor Shell

Existing die-casting machine, shot blasting machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, aluminum alloy cutting machine and other special production equipment.


Provide High Quality Products

Can Be Customized According To Drawings And Samples

Regular products always have a large amount of inventory, which can meet the delivery time of customers at any time. Customized products are handled by special personnel.


Please Contact Us With Any Questions

Professional Services Let You Have No Worries

According to the different needs and actual situation of customers, tailor the service content to solve problems for customers.


Production Strength

Introduce Advanced Equipment And Technology To Escort Production

Zhejiang Liyi Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

Provide High-quality Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Solutions

Zhejiang Liyi Electromechanical Co., Ltd. a set of aluminum alloy products die casting and finishing, aluminum alloy extrusion products processing, and aluminum die-casting mold development as one of the production enterprises, Welcome to the manufacturers, dealers come together to work together to develop.

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